The Premier Korean Martial Art Event in the USA

April 11-13, 2025 in Crestview, FL

Continuing the tradition of exhibiting the essence of a true humble martial artist with so much to share.  Topics covered will be Taekwon-Do, Hapkido, TangSooDo, KukSool, strikes, joint locks, throws, sticks, knife, gun, etc. Come join us for the training, the relaxation, and the camaraderie.

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This event is held in Florida with an average high temperature of 79F/26C degrees for this time of year. You can bring the whole family to enjoy the vacation spot only 30 miles inland of the World Famous Destin Beaches.

*Want to preplan for KMAF events?  KMAF2024 is April 19-21, KMAF2025 is April 11-13, KMAF2026 is April 17-19, KMAF2027 is April 16-18, KMAF2028 is April 21-23, KMAF2029 is April 20-22, KMAF2030 is April 12-14

Totally Taekwondo Magazine gave KMAF2018 a huge 39 page spread covering the event and a piece of the cover!

Taekwondo Times Magazine calls KMAF “The Must Attend Event of the Year” in March 2013 edition!

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Rated as “10 Must Do Martial Art Events” by Black Belt Magazine in May 2012!

Endorsed by Official Karate Magazine in 2014 Annual!


*As a pesky disclaimer, we fully believe everyone in the instructor line-up will be able to attend the event.  In fact, in the time we’ve ran this event, we’ve had four instructors not show for various reasons.  Three of which have never, and will never, be invited back to teach.  So 14-18 instructors scheduled to teach each year and about every three years we average one not showing.  I can live with that.  Truthfully, none of us, not even YOU, can guarantee they’ll be anywhere at anytime.  So come to learn, have a good time, see friends, and make new friends.  You’ll very likely get to have some mat time with everyone that is scheduled to attend.


3 Responses to The Premier Korean Martial Art Event in the USA

  1. I have been studying Martial Arts since 1978 and have never seen an opportunity to train with so Grand Masters and Masters. I can’t wait to be part of this happening it looks incredible.

  2. Sean Garcia says:

    Its sounds after all you’re very dedicated and have strong aptitudes towards
    Martial Arts. You must know Korean Nationalist Ji Han Jae who is the most famous and respected Grand Master of Hapkido ( Korean Jiu Jitsu ), a very
    dangerous/defense/offense fighting style.

  3. Had a blast. If you’re looking to meet a wide range of senior instructors this event is well worth the effort.

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