CM Thomas Gordon

Profile of Presenters

Chief Master Thomas Gordon – 7th degree

Florida, USA

Master Thomas Gordon is the host of the Korean Martial Art Festival and an annual martial art tournament both located in Crestview, FL.  Thomas started training in a closed martial art organization that eventually led to him partnering up with Mr Gregory Bledsoe in opening a school in a neighboring community.  After five years of running the school and ten years of traveling the United States to compete, Thomas wanted to get more in line with the original Taekwondo system and open a school in his hometown.  In 2003 he was able to open Gordon Martial Arts and align himself with two highly respected grandmasters of GM Hwang, KS (K-9-1) and GM Rudy Timmerman.  Since then he has trained & taught in Canada, Korea, Australia, Scotland, England, Netherlands, and all over the United States.  While teaching most every walk of life and profession, being in an area heavy with military, Thomas has trained many levels of military personal including Special Operations, Special Forces, and most levels of law enforcement.


There are four distinctive highlights of Thomas’ martial art career.

(1) watching both his daughters test for black belt with grandmasters on the panel.

(2) Being featured six times on the cover of Taekwondo Times (TKDT) in July 2010 as one of the ten “Movers & Shakers” in the Korean Martial Arts, featured solo on the November 2011 TKDT cover “Football, The Martial Artist Way” due to him playing Semi-Pro Football into his 40’s, January 2013 with Grand Master Hwang, March 2013 with Korean Martial Art Festival being listed as “Must Do Event of the Year,” and January 2014 cover with MMA/UFC legend Dan “The Beast” Severn.

(3) Being able to test for sixth degree in Taekwon-Do in front of GM Hwang and GM Timmerman.

(4) And being able to train & teach martial arts while traveling to see many other countries.

Master Gordon is currently a seventh degree in Taekwon-Do and also a sixth degree in Hapkido.  2012 he wrapped up playing Semi-Pro football at the Center position.  In 2013 he did a teaching European tour teaching in Scotland, England, and Amsterdam.  In 2014, while in Canada, Master Gordon served as an Ambassador for the Korea Martial Arts Hall of Fame and was one of a handful of men to successfully complete the Level 1 Stick Master program.  2015 took him to England, France, and Mexico.  Preparations for 2016 Korean Martial Art Festival were underway before KMAF2015 even started.  Not having a good choice for a gathering of like minded martial artists within driving distance, he is always excited to see old friends and make new friends at the Korean Martial Art Festival held in April.