CM Nelson Pinto

Profile of Presenters

Chief Master Nelson Pinto – 7th Degree

Florida, USA

Master Pinto during the last 30 years studied several martial arts: Modern FaRang Mu Sul, Hapkido, Karate, Muay Thai, Kickboxing/Boxing, Aikido, Haidong Gum Do, Taekwondo, Filipino Martial Arts (Kali/Arnis/Escrima), Filipino Boxing/Silat and JKD/Wing Chun.

  • Owner of Pinto Martial Arts LLC
  • Head Master Instructor 6th Dan in Modern FaRang Mu Sul, 7th Dan in Hapkido and Taekwondo, under Grand Master Michael De Alba 10th Dan – Founder of Modern FaRang Mu Sul.
  • Guro in Stockton Multi Style Escrima (Filipino Martial Arts: Giron Escrima & SLD: Serrada, Largo and Decuerdas) under Master June Gotico, Guro Terry Joven, Guro Eugene Inis.
  • Master Instructor 5th Dan in Kickboxing & Full Contact – WKA- World Kickboxing & Karate Association, Boxing Coach & 1st Dan in TKD ITF/WTF & under Kru Carlos Pedro in Portugal.
  • 5th Dan – Hanminjok Hapkido Association – Ki-Do Federation by GM In Sun Seo.
  • 1st Dan TKD WTF under GM Chung Sun Yong – Founder of TKD in Portugal
  • 5th Level in Balintawak Cuentada Arnis under GM Taboada and Guro Soriano.

Master Pinto with all his experience in Martial Arts, Healing Arts, Sports Competition (sparring with empty hand & with weapons, kata, and breaking), 2 times part of the Portuguese National Team (Suska Inter-Styles in Spain and TKD-Mudo in Paris, France, Ex Law Enforcement and security experience with two decades teaching defensive tactics to military, law enforcement and civilians in several parts of the World (Europe, Middle East, Caribbean, USA), gave him extra tools for an effective approach to teach Martial Arts & Self Defense, in a way that his students from all ages can learn and reach their goals for an effective self-defense and in the same time having fun in a safe family environment, learning life skills, leadership, becoming more focus, disciplined, healthier, flexible, more fit and improving their Body & Mind. Please visit PMA LLA Website for more info: