GM Michael De Alba

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Grand Master Michael De Alba– 10th degree

California, USA

Modern Farang Mu Sul® founder Grand Master Michael De Alba is a lifelong student of the Martial Arts, with over 50 yrs. in the arts. Beginning with boxing as a boy, his training includes a wide variety of systems, but his major has been Korean styles such as; Hwa Rang Do, Hap Ki Do, Do Hap Sool, Tae Kwon Do, Kuk Sool Won, Sun Moo Do and others. He trained in Korea as well as other Asian countries. While in the military he taught various special units (i.e.: Seals, Rangers, Green Berets, etc.). Grand Master De Alba has trained with many great Masters from diverse systems. He has achieved black belts in several arts and is considered one of the most innovative and knowledgeable instructors today. He is in great demand for seminars and demonstrations around the U.S. and abroad. He is world renown for his Combative Knife Fighting and Comprehensive Real World Hand to Hand Combat. This type of training has led to the development of special law enforcement and military combatives programs, as well as very successful “Vale Tudo” (NHB/MMA) fighting teams.

Grand Master De Alba developed the martial art of De Alba System – Modern Farang Mu Sul®. This roughly translates as “The Fighting Art of the Modern Warrior”. Modern Farang Mu Sul® is an amalgamation of various arts in Grand Master De Albas’ repertoire, but traces it’s main roots to four versions of “Classical Hwarang Do”. Some of the main distinguishing aspects of Modern Farang Mu Sul® are it’s focus on practical self defense and it’s progressive approach to improvement of the art and the individual student. Grand Masters’ specialties include conventional and unconventional weapons as well as CQC (Close Quarter Combat). His teaching methods reflect a diversity of skills with a definite focus on effective self defense.

Grand Master De Alba holds the position of Founder, President and 10th Degree Black Belt, Kuk Sa Nim (Grand Master) of the art of Modern Farang Mu Sul®, with representative schools branches across the USA, Europe, Puerto Rico, Russia and South America. His title and rank have been awarded and recognized by some of the most respected martial artists in the world coming from such prestigious organizations such as the World Kido Hae – Hanminjok Hapkido Federation, ATAMA (American Teachers Association of the Martial Arts), MACS (Martial Arts Collective Society), WMAA (World Martial Arts Alliance), WHFSC (World Head of Family Sokeship Council), International Chosondo Federation, National Korean Martial Arts Asso., The Society of Hwa Rang, and others. He is a published author and has appeared in numerous international Martial Arts magazines. He was named one of the “Movers and Shakers of Korean Martial Arts” by Tae Kwon Do Times Magazine and Black Belt Magazine named him one of the “Top 20 Masters of Korean Martial Arts”. Grand Master De Alba has been inducted into several prestigious Martial Arts Halls of Fame, including WHFSC Hall of Fame and the Korean Martial Arts Masters Hall of Fame. He has also produced a series of instructional DVDs and training manuals exposing a number of specialized areas of Modern Farang Mu Sul® available the general public.
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