GM No Won Park

Profile of Presenters

Grand Master No Won Park– 10th Degree

Seoul, Korea

In 1956 in a small city in South Korea, a young fourth grader named No-Won Park set out on his own voyage. Although young, he began Taekwondo study with earnest. By junior high and high school he spent every school evening and every weekend traveling to other dojangs to learn as much as he feasibly could.

In 1977 he was enrolled into mandatory military service. Because of his intense background in the martial arts he was put into an élite special guard division where he his eyes were open to things he never dreamt of. At the end of his service in 1980 he was asked to devise a streamlined combat method to deal with constant threats from North Korea.

It led to a synthesis of eight arts designed to not only eliminate a target as quickly as possible unarmed, but also to enable to use any item as a weapon including a military shovel. It was an immediate success to say the least and it became a compulsory military subject for elite military recruits. It was named Teuk Gong Moo Sool (Ultimate Martial Arts).

As time went on Grandmaster Park began to look beyond the walls of the military barracks and towards his country as a whole. He saw the slowly degrading physical condition of his fellow South Koreans and their lack of focus. He saw the need for genuine martial arts training that really DID build the mind, body and spirit and not give lip service.

In addition to his explosive self-defense art of Teuk Gong Moo Sool, he began to put together a detailed exercise program that people of any age and condition could benefit from. It resembled yoga or aspects of Tai Chi Chuan, but had its own flavor. He named the system Moo-Ee Dan Gong (basically “Special Skills for Health”).

Currently TGMS is in a number of countries in addition to the dozens of schools located in Korea. GM Park is looking to further internationalize the art he spent most of his lifetime to perfect. Teuk Gong!