GM Shelton Moreland

Profile of Presenters

Grand Master Shelton Moreland – 9th degree

Georgia, USA


Grandmaster Moreland’s Dojang was founded in 1973 at Fort Jackson,  South Carolina. Grandmaster Moreland is a Ninth degree Black Belt with over 50 years of competitive and training experience. His passion for improving physical fitness, mental discipline, and spiritual strength is apparent in every class he teaches. Grandmaster Moreland has been a positive influence in the lives of many. His ability to reach children and adults alike has earned his school a reputation as Atlanta’s Best Martial Arts School.

Grandmaster Moreland started training in Martial Arts in 1966 and has been involved with Martial Arts his entire life. As a child, he was taught the fundamentals of Hapkido by his great teachers Master Parks and Master Kwon, and later his great Doju Nim, Jae Nam, Myong. In his early teens, Grandmaster earned his first Black Belt in Chang Hun TaeKwon-Do.  It was at this time that he knew that he wanted to dedicate his life to Martial Arts. Since that time, Grandmaster Moreland has proven to be a fierce competitor. He believes in a principled approach to Martial Arts, that includes the development of personal character as well as physical strength. His focus on respect, confidence, righteousness, discipline, and vision has made him one of the most sought after Martial Arts instructors in the world.

Grandmaster Moreland is the USA President of Global Hapkido Federation, Appointed by it’s founder GM Jung Doo Han, and has established the first Hapki Seon Dojang in the USA.