GM Wil Widmeyer

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Grand Master Wil Widmeyer – 9th degree

Indiana, USA

Grandmaster William Widmeyer, a native of Indiana, USA, is a distinguished martial artist with a rich journey that began at the age of sixteen. His passion for martial arts ignited after successfully defending himself against an armed assailant, propelling him into a lifelong commitment to the discipline.

Grandmaster Widmeyer’s unique background in international level figure skating has endowed him with extraordinary body awareness and an unwavering work ethic. His martial arts journey led him to Grandmaster Inn Suk Pak’s school in Toronto, Canada, where a transformative mentorship unfolded. Under Grandmaster Pak’s guidance, Grandmaster Widmeyer began to master the martial arts curriculum by engaging in private training sessions, pushing boundaries with eight to ten hours of daily practice. Grandmaster Pak’s sudden passing during a department of Tennessee state sponsored program left Grandmaster Widmeyer with a profound responsibility to carry forward his legacy.

Returning to the USA, Grandmaster Widmeyer established his first martial arts school, subsequently training civilian students as well as the United States Military and Federal Agencies. His dedication earned him accolades, including induction into three Black Belt Hall of Fames and multitudes of commendations from the US Military.

Grandmaster Widmeyer’s prowess extended to full-contact MMA tournaments, earning him numerous championships and an alternate spot for the UFC. Post-retirement in 2000, he dedicated himself to organizing and refining Grandmaster Pak’s teachings into his own system, Ohaeng Hapkido. Grandmaster Widmeyer’s  accomplishments included a recertification as an 8th Dan in Kongshin Bop by a fellow senior classmate of Grandmaster Inn Suk Pak, Grandmaster Rudy Timmerman. In 2015 Grandmaster Widmeyer was also appointed as an ambassador to the Korean Martial Arts Master Hall of Fame by Grandmaster Timmerman, later in 2017 Grandmaster Widmeyer purchased the organization from its founder.

As of 2024, Grandmaster Widmeyer has expanded Ohaeng Hapkido to 10 international countries, making its mark in law enforcement and military organizations worldwide. Grandmaster Widmeyer is currently recognised as a 9th Dan and the official founder of Ohaeng Hapkido. Grandmaster Widmeyer’s commitment to spreading the art is mirrored in his extensive travels and teachings. Grandmaster Widmeyer holds collegiate degrees from Ball State University, showcasing a commitment to holistic development beyond martial arts.