Special Guest – Master Guy Larke

Special Guest

Master Guy Larke – 7th degree

Bundang, Korea

Master Guy Larke will join us for KMAF2019.  He is a noted author and martial artist.  Below are some of the bullet points.

  • Bundang, South Korea
  • 18 years in South Korea
  • Also trained in Japan, the Philippines and Malaysia
  • 7th Dan in Cheon Ji Muye Do
  • 6th Dan in Tang Soo Do
  • 6th Dan in Teuk Gong Moo Sool
  • 6th Dan in Hapkido
  • 6th Dan in Bon Kuk Kum
  • 6th Dan in Siljeon Moo Do
  • 5th Dan in Wushu-Dao
  • 5th Dan in Tae Kwon Do
  • 4th Dan in Karate-Do
  • 3rd Dan in Taek Kyon
  • 2nd Dan in Korean Kickboxing
  • 2nd DONG in Taekgyeon
  • Written over 700 articles, columns and news pieces for 18 different international magazines
  • Founder of Kisa-Do Martial Arts & Marketing
  • Featured on 6 separate documentaries in South Korea
  • Author