Master Jae-Sik Yang

Profile of Presenters

Master Yang, Jae-Sik (Jason) – 5th degree

Seoul, Korea


  • National Graduate in Taekgyeon (1. Jul. 2007)
  • D. in Sport Science (sport culture, industry & policy from Chung-nam National Univ.)
  • Secretary General of Taekgyeon Preservation Society (the entrusted organization for preserving Taekgyeon by Korean government (Cultural Heritage Administration)
  • 5th Dong in Taekgyeon (Dong is traditional name of level as opposed to Dan)

Master Yang started T.G.(Taekgyeon) on Mar. 1995 training continuously and started teaching in 1998.

He considers T.G. is the most beautiful martial art which represents the history of Korean traditional martial arts, and has very reasonable ways to compete with others under safe regulations, whereas contains dangerous skills without any regulation. And so, T.G. could be designated as Korea National Intangible Cultural Heritage No. 76 on 1, Jun. 1983, and listed on Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity of UNESCO on 28, Nov. 2011.

The strength of Master Yang as a Master of T.G. is teaching people in easy and clear ways with motor dynamics understanding. Even, most foreign people who want to learn T.G. in Korea, would meet him as a proper teacher.

He is currently working on his own teaching systems for world-wide people who want to be T.G. practitioner.