Mr John Wilkerson

Profile of Presenters

Mr John Wilkerson – 3rd Degree

Mississippi, USA


Mr. Wilkerson began his tae kwon do training in 1983. He shortly thereafter expanded his learning to include fencing, arnis, and European swords and polearms.

His training in hapkido started in 1997; later becoming the primary instructor for his original school. In 2012 he began running his own club, focusing on a modern adaptation of hapkido; with precision joint breaking and hard throws. His weapons skills and instruction capabilities include the cane: jee pahng ee, stick: bahng mahng ee, and staff: jahng bong,

He also spent several years studying shorin ryu karate. The inclusion of an Okinawan art opened new possibilities for blending traditional hapkido flow techniques and hard striking.

He resides in central Mississippi.