Mrs Amanda Howard

Profile of Presenters

Mrs Amanda Howard – 4th degree

Florida, USA


Mrs Amanda Howard moved to Crestview in the early 90’s and started martial arts at 8 years old. For the first 10 years, she did martial arts as a family event with her mother, brother, and sister. In December 2003, her family moved their martial art training over to Gordon Martial Arts where Mrs Howard eventually started working as an instructor. In 2006, while in Korea, Mrs Howard competed at the World Championship tournament and successfully tested for third degree in front of Grand Master Rudy Timmerman and a panel of master level instructors. When asked her favorite part of martial arts, Mrs Howard stated, “Sparring all the way! I love how in sparring you get to put all the things you learn in taekwondo into action! Plus I like beating up the boys.”

Being an avid competitor, Mrs Howard is often seen at tournaments and generally places well. Notably, along with competing in Korea, she competed for Grand Champion at Emerald Coast Martial Art Championships in 2004 and took Grand Champion at the First Hub City Invitational in 2004.

Mrs Howard recently tested fourth degree in Taekwon-Do and looking forward to seeing some of the world doing martial arts. Italy, Australia, and maybe a return trip to Korea is on the bucket list. Outside of martial arts, Mrs Howard prefers to spend time with her husband, daughters, family, and friends. She’s a big fan of scary movies and tends to enjoy most forms of music.