Frequently Asked Questions for the Korean Martial Art Festival

Can I video tape this?  Short answer, sorry, but no.  Long answer is, well, long.  First off, we want to train and we don’t want to worry with hitting your camera.  One year we did this and it ended up being a “tripod area” with several thousands of dollars sitting in every corner.  Secondly, we want to train and we want to be around people that want to train along with us.  We’ve seen too many posers come and go that want a good shot of them with someone to boost their own claim to fame.

Can I take pictures?  Sure!  There will be Meet & Greet times and other appropriate times.  While seminars are going on, please refrain from pictures.

What should I wear?  Wear a martial art uniform.  Do NOT wear shorts & t-shirt.

I’m only a white belt, should I come?  Heck yea!  We were all beginners at some point and we’ll make you feel welcome.

I can only come Saturday.  Not really a question but implied about discounting the price.  Sorry, the price is the price.  Catching a morning seminar with any of these keynote presenters is worth the entire weekend fee.

I want to lead a seminar.  Can I come?  Yes, you’re welcome to come and I’d love to talk with you about leading a session in the future.  However, I’ve worked too hard to build this event and want mat time with prospective session leaders first.

Do Presenter’s pay?  Yes.

I’m a presenter.  Can I bring an assistant?   Helpers/assistants are MOST welcome to come. Please register them on the registration page or pay at the door.

Can friends and family come?  Yes!   Cost for a NON-MARTIAL ARTIST family or friend is free to watch for the seminars.   Please, come be our guest. However, IF they do martial arts, register them on the registration page or pay at the door.  If they feel the urge to take pictures with the instructors, they should put on a uniform, register, and partake in the event.

How much is dinner Saturday night?  Dinner isn’t available. Sorry. The restaurant next door has dinner. We have a banquet, and it’s $49. The banquet includes the venue, the time to set up and take down that venue, dinner, DJ, and all your martial art friends.  The banquet is reserved for weekend participants FIRST, guests of attendees second, and spectators last.  It does sell out and spectators may not be able to attend.

Is there a child’s rate for the banquet?  Everyone pays the same.  Dinner is only one part of the evening and the cater doesn’t give us a child’s rate anyway.

What should I expect for at the banquet?  The banquet is hosted on Saturday night – check the venue page on the website to make sure you go to the correct place. Dress is “dressy casual” to full suits. You’ll see a few in jeans & sports coats and you may see a tux or two. You shouldn’t dress to a level of discomfort, but please, do dress professionally.

The dinner portion is typically buffet style. There’s often a demo or guest speaker. Sometimes there may be a charity drive auction, higher rank promotion, etc. There’s always music and dancing at the end.

We don’t stay too late and try to keep it fun while also keeping it family friendly. Very rarely does it creep past 10PM. For adults who are so inclined, we always have some of the presenters & participants meet afterwards for socializing. While people come and go as they please, this does typically run into the early hours of the morning.

What makes this event different?  Good question, I’ve traveled a lot and been to many seminars, mat times, and “fests.”  Went to the first rotating seminar like this in the mid 90’s while training under a Soke in ju-jitsu.  As a participant, what I wanted was a good event that I felt I got my money’s worth.  I wanted to be around friendly people with instructors willing to share their knowledge and made newcomers feel like family.  I didn’t care for the “this is who I invited – we’ll see who shows up” kind of hodge podge seminar.  I’ve paid $299 for a 12 hour seminar and walked away feeling like I got a great deal (well, “limped away” would be a better choice of words).  I’ve paid $45 for a seminar and felt like I had wasted 6 hours of my life.

Any other questions, please drop me an email.