Master Nikolai Lee

Profile of Presenters

Master Nikolai Lee – 5th degree

Florida, USA

Master Nikolai Lee was born August 12, 1989 in Gainesville, Fl. Growing up in a martial arts family, Master Lee was surrounded by the martial arts mindset. Over time, after seeing numerous classes taught by his father, Grandmaster Jimmie Faralli, as well as classes taught by the late Grandmaster Jimmie Brown, Master Lee had a constant growing desire to train. Master Lee began his training under Grandmaster Faralli in 2003 when he was 14 years old.

After a long and challenging road, Master Lee was recently promoted to the position of Administrator of the American Hapkido Alliance and 5th degree black belt in December 2017 by Grandmaster Faralli during a seminar graciously given by Grandmaster Dr. He-Young Kimm. As the Administrator, Master Lee coordinates the ordering of supplies, organizes school functions and tests, and coordinates with other schools, both in the AHA and external schools. Master Lee assists Grandmaster Faralli and Senior Master Dr. Kathy Shaw in everyday operations of the AHA as well as teaching classes. To Lee, the school is an extended family. It is also a wealth of knowledge containing students from various backgrounds and experiences. It is his belief, that a martial artist should never discount another martial artist opinion, regardless of rank. Instead, we should be like sponges soaking up as much positive and valuable knowledge from our peers, friends, and superiors as possible.

Married in 2014, Master Lee and Marissa Lee live in Port Orange, FL.  After serving as an active Paramedic for 6 years, both in the ambulance and hospital, Master Lee decided to pursue school once again. In 2017, he graduated from Daytona State College with a Bachelor Degree in Supervision and Management. From there, he enrolled at Palmer Chiropractic College in Port Orange and is a current student of the Doctorate of Chiropractic Program as well as the Clinical Neurology Diplomate Program. In his spare time, Master Lee is an avid music composer and is very involved with his church, with the occasional motorcycle ride in between.

Master Lee is very honored to be included as an instructor at the Korean Martial Arts Festival and feels blessed to gain knowledge from the other masters, as well as reciprocating thoughts and ideas with other students. It is Master Lee’s hope that his generation will advance the martial arts, while also maintaining the traditions, discipline, respect, and honor established by the great Masters that have come before him.