GM Jimm McMurray

Profile of Presenters

Grand Master Jimm McMurray – 9th degree

Texas, USA

Grandmaster McMurray began martial arts training in 1962 and received his first black belt in 1970.  Grand Master James McMurray is the Founder and Director of the House of Discipline Martial Arts Group based in Harker Heights, Texas. He formulated the Moo Hap Sool Kido System which is currently being taught in Afghanistan, Germany, Iraq, Japan, Panama and the United States. Grandmaster McMurray’s martial arts’ style is known by many martial arts, military and police organizations to be one of the most effective hand-to-hand combat systems in the world.

As a former Green Beret who served two consecutive tours in Vietnam and Southeast Asia, specializing in “silent sentry takeout” via pressure points and bladed weapons and after almost five decades, he has honed his skills that have been proven on the battlefields.  Several U.S. military units, correction facilities and police departments in Germany, North Carolina and Texas requests his instruction in unarmed and armed self-defense and “suspect control” techniques. He has also developed restraining techniques for medical EMS personnel, doctors and nurses in order to handle unstable patients. In 1975, the National Organization of Women (N.O.W.) used his techniques to teach anti-rape/anti-abuse classes.

His tournament career started in 1973 and ended in 1995 upon his retirement to train members of the U.S. Army Taekwondo team and the Central Texas Junior Olympic Team. He was well respected on the Texas AOK Circuit as a smart hard nose fighter, weapon competitor and excellent referee.

Constantly concerned about the directing in which today’s youth are headed, He consistently teaches martial arts, life skills and leadership to children and teens. His exciting and thought-provoking seminars are the talk of anyone who has had the opportunity to attend.. He now works closely with an element of Texas Homeland Security, the Secret Service out of Crawford, TX and elite soldiers of Fort Hood, TX.  Grandmaster McMurray was on the cover of Taekwondo Times 2010 & 2013